• Java D'oro celebrates 20 years of coffee roasting

    By Artis Henderson, Special to The News-Press Java D'oro Gourmet Coffee has been roasting coffee beans in Cape Coral since 1998, serving its unique blends to restaurants and coffee fans alike. The aroma of fresh-roasted coffee starts in the parking lot of Java D’oro in Cape Coral. It grows stronger inside the retail boutique and peaks inside the warehouse where the company has been roasting fresh coffee beans since 1998. Tony Latassa owns the coffee roaster with his wife, Antonella. The two first came to Southwest Florida from Calabria, Italy. When Tony Latassa arrived in the area, he roasted coffee as...

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  • Coffee Characteristics and Evaluation

    Flavor Each Coffee has specific attributes, some are more pronounced than others. Geography, soil conditions, the milling process, and the roasting process al influence flavor.  Roast Java D'oro custom roasts to various degrees. Each roast creates distinct flavors in the beans. The following terms are used to describe the degree of roast.  City Roast or Light Roast - Light brown, no surface oil. This roast is the best way to cup a coffee and discern all the attributes. Full City Roast of Medium Roast - Medium brown, with little to no surface oils. This roast best showcases all of the...

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