Coffee Characteristics and Evaluation


Each Coffee has specific attributes, some are more pronounced than others. Geography, soil conditions, the milling process, and the roasting process al influence flavor. 


Java D'oro custom roasts to various degrees. Each roast creates distinct flavors in the beans. The following terms are used to describe the degree of roast. 

  • City Roast or Light Roast - Light brown, no surface oil. This roast is the best way to cup a coffee and discern all the attributes.

  • Full City Roast of Medium Roast - Medium brown, with little to no surface oils. This roast best showcases all of the natural flavors of the coffee beans. 

  • Vienna Roast or Dark Roast - Dark brown, with a significant amount of coffee flavor oils visible on the surface. Vienna roasts bring a tangy, bittersweet flavor to the bean. 

  • French Roast - Very dark brown, with lots of shiny oils on the surface. This roast brings a rich, smoky flavor to the coffee. 


Refers to the perceived weight the coffee exhibits on the palate. It can range from light to medium to heavy.


Refers to the length of time the flavor remains on the palate. A lower acid coffee's taste lingers, while a higher acid coffee rapidly leaves the tongue. Acidity can range from low to high.