Over the past 20 years, Java D'oro has become the go-to coffee roaster for Southwest Florida's best coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, and home consumers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the relationships that are made every cup along the way.

Roast Machine

Java D’oro is a specialty coffee company in Cape Coral, FL. Our roastmasters, using profiling techniques, bring out the best taste and flavor from our specialty Arabica beans. Each small batch is roasted to perfection by our roastmaster.

Java D'oro is family owned and operated. The Latassa family has been roasting coffee in Cape Coral since 1998, and our passion for great coffee has been growing ever since.

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We hope you appreciate the extra effort we take to produce a superior cup. We never compromise quality and we hope you share the enthusiasm and our commitment. 

Our mission is to add a little moment of happiness to your life; Every morning as your relax and sip a cup of Java D'oro "Passion".

Come on by the shop to see what we're roasting next! You'll smell the roasts a mile away!

Java D'oro Gourmet Coffee Roasters
905 SE 14th Pl. | Cape Coral, FL 33990